What type of A4 size UV printer for printing phone case is recommended?

When you prepare for buying a printer including silicone, PU and PC cases, you could consider to buy UV printer. For a good UV printer, most of materials like acrylic, leather, metal, wood, glass, stone, ball, pen, golfball could be printed.

But to buy a well-used UV printer, the manufacture, after-sale service, sales profession, sales attitude, production ability should be considered. Currently in the market, they are too many uv printer to make hard decision. For a small A4 size UV printer, if you buy it at first time, it is suggested to buy an automatic printers(Up and down), or at least semi-automation. For a new user, Totally manual operation will make your operation hard and time consumed.

Most of original phone cases are not only white background, so white printing is necessary. And also only with white printing, you could print 3d embossed pictures to increase printing variety and correspondingly increase your case attract and sales. So at this time, you also have to consider software. Ask sales whether the printer is installed with 3d embossed pictures software.

Also head price should be took consideration. For a small UV printer, it is quite cost-inefficiently to install a head price over USD1000.

After-sales is very important. As a new users, you will definitely meet installation, operation or maintenance problems. A good company always provide professional engineers to solve all your problems timely.

Nowadays, many Chinese companies could produce excellent printers and provide good service but with cheap printer cost.

Nuevoprint UV printers have own factory which produce UV6090, A3, A4 size UV printers for many years, but also have 5 engineers three of whom could speak English and provide online and site service.

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