NVP6090T multiple head uv flatbed printer


1. This UV printer with Dual or three heads including TX800,DX5 and DX7 could be installed for your option.

One head for printing white, one head for color inks, CMYK and one head for varnish to improve printing speed and prolong head lifetime.

2.Added vacuum platform device

Special vacuum platform device to make materials printed flat.

3. Intelligent ink cartridge design

Staggered arrangement for printer heads to improve the printing efficiency of white, color inks and varnish oil. Two UV lamps make printing immediately dried.

4. Separate flash jet device

Separated flash jet groove to make head more smooth. Air cleaning system installed under beam to clean dust and water.

5. Max. 450mm height adjustment

450mm height adjustment to meet your most printing requirements such as bucket, luggage box.

After-sale service

Training: Special engineers for 1-1 training

Service: Special English engineers to support you online from skype, Teamviewer for installation, operation and trouble-shoot in 24 hours Door service is available.

Max. Print Format 24''*36'' (60x90cm)
Max. Print Gap 45cm
UV Curing System LED UV lamp ( Water Cooling)
Printing Direction Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode
Print Resolution
  • Standard Dpi: 720*1440dpi
  • Hi-def Dpi: 1440*1440dpi
  • Low Dpi: 720*720dpi
  • Max Dpi: 2880*2880dpi
Printing Speed
  • CMYK+W
  • 720×720dpi/4Pass 4㎡/H
  • 1440*720dpi/8Pass 3㎡/H
  • 1440*1440dpi/16Pass 2.5㎡/H
  • 2880*1440dpi/32Pass1.5m2/H
  • 2×CMYK
  • 720*720dpi/4Pass 4.5㎡/H
  • 1440*720dpi/8Pass 3.5㎡/H
  • 1440*1440dpi/16Pass 3㎡/H
  • 2880*1440dpi/32Pass 2m2/H
Materials to Print
  • Metal, Plastic, glass, wood, Ceramics
  • Acrylic, Leather, etc
Power Requirement AC220/110±10,50HZ~60HZ,P 600W
Print Quality True Photographic Quality
Environment 18℃-35℃ HR40%-80%
Printer Head Three TX800 Printer Head
RIP Software UltraPrint RIP software
Operation System Microsoft Windows 98 / 2000/XP/Win7/Win8/win 10
Interface USB Port
Languages English
Ink color CMYK+6W or 2*CMYK or CMYK+6W+6V
Ink Type UV ink
Ink System CISS Built Inside With Ink Bottle
Ink Supply 1000 ml/Bottle
Height Adjustment Automatic with Sensor.
Driving Power 110 V/ 220 V.
Power Consumption 600W
Ink Consumption 30ml/SQM.
Packing Wooden Case
Machine Net Weight 100Kg
Machine Dimension 107 x232x125 cm
Media Feeding System Manual
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